Biography : Background Story (Continued)

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I didn't go to school much in the last six months, and I had to do my exams at home. My music teacher, an awesome guy - Mr Austin, came round my house by surprise with the recording equipment in his hands, and we recorded some songs and I managed to blag a B (best qualification in life!) Since I can hardly read music, it wasn't too bad.

I went out and slowly built up my new life by taking small steps over a number of years. When the time was right, I managed to do a gig with my band in public. This was the turning point where everything accelerated. We then did many gigs, and my illness was no longer such a burden.

This was until about 2006, when the anxiety struck me once again. This time it was more lonely, as people had moved on, grown up, moved away. The band had split up recently and there wasn't really much to fight for. I had been working on the Chalcedony project at this time but needed to finish the album Chapter One desperately. In 2007 I finished it. Because I couldnt go very far from the house at all, I shot the last few bits of the music video Ben And I by myself in my room.

Over the last four or so years it has taken time to build up again, but it has been a slower process. I formed the label Rusalka Records to try my hand at business and make a future for myself. It is called Rusalka because the Rusalka is the ghost which can not leave it's dwelling. Besides also having green hair, it is the myth that closest resembles myself and my lifestyle.

As well as supporting Confusion which was a massive part of my life, I wish to continue the dream of writing and hopefully performing music for as long as I am alive. Chalcedony was supposed to be a group act at one point, but that never happened. Fate has decided that it will always be me, a solo project that I must take control of myself, and take the matter into my own hands.

My act, and my new name: Chalcedony - is my personal story. It is self-expression of everything I have experienced, and everything I see or desire in life, told in the way I feel is best. All the songs interweave together to paint a bigger picture. I hide many secrets inside the songs in different ways that can link to future riddles. My magic is music, and this is what I was meant to do.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my story, and I hope you will enjoy the things I have created,

- Chalcedony

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